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This work looks at the relationship between architecture/structures and landscaping with an interest in the possibility of a space becoming lost to growing foliage. 'Cleared' and 'Debris' are slightly different in that they are the cleared or tidied up piles from a site, clearing to maintain it but also in preparation for a new development on site. 

Nicola 9916 smaller for website.jpg
IMG_5633edited 2.JPG
Nicola Saundersom_Cleared_watercolour_30 x 40cm_2021.JPG
Saunderson_Nicola_Slowly Spreading_water
Saunderson_Nicola_Slowly Spreading 2_wat
Nicola Saunderson 0269 LowRes.jpg
creeping in.jpg
Nicola Saunderson.jpg
Through the Fence final edit.jpg
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