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Artist Statement

I am drawn to the relationship between urban architecture and landscaping, in particular in recent work, where landscaping begins to become overgrown. Creating in watercolour detailed descriptions of foliage and its surrounding architecture.


Past work has also explored this through playing with composition, mapping and re-imagining.


The watercolours I am making presently are based on photographs taken of areas in Central Milton Keynes, attracted to the strong architectural lines against landscaping, this relationship heightened by the towns design. In new work the spaces I have referred to are in Milton Keynes although could be any urban landscape.


Through the work I want to draw attention to the balance between the ordered spaces of built environments and the affect of time on a space. Detailing these points that could become or are overgrown, where landscaping begins to take over, or vice versa where we might be trying to regain control. Using the fluidity of watercolour to further echo the nature of these changing spaces.


In Slowly Spreading 2, and Slowly Spreading, I have used purples and blues to lightly draw out the image then work over this in a darker monotone layer, using this to add weight to the dominating foliage. The purples and blues not the natural tones but help to separate the work from its source image and further focus on the mass of growing foliage.

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