My work studies in between spaces in our urban environment. Underpasses, roadsides, architecture such as steps, sections of landscaping, places or features that sit to the side of the main space or scene. 

In recent work one of the areas I have been referring to is the outside market in Milton Keynes, the underpasses and roadside edges in particular. Pockets of landscaping that have become overgrown, or where stone edging has fallen away. Paying attention to these spots that are likely to be passed by, where trolleys get pushed into, rubbish thrown, and where the sign 'This is Not a Toilet' has been put up. It is these spaces that are just a glimpse up, or to the side of the main spaces we inhabit, that have the potential to become a bit wild within their contained area, sometimes overgrowing it. In current drawings I have been looking more closely at the relationship between landscaping and the architecture that contains it, interested in a collision of the two happening within our urban spaces.


Drawings are informed by photographs taken when passing and becoming drawn to a particular composition or moment in a space. Revisiting areas and exploring these same sites in different pieces of work in an attempt to pinpoint key relationships and interests. Drawings investigate composition, including possible layering or using multiple views of a place in a piece. Considering also what might be edited out of a composition, leaving some areas of the paper white so as to keep the drawing focused and give it space for possibility, keeping a sense of transience which I hope echoes something of the site being referred to and the nature of passing by it.

© 2020 by Nicola Saunderson.​