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Walking and Mapping, Stiwdio Maelor, Corris, Wales, 2015.

Start SH 755 079 (initial development piece), pen and pencil on tracing paper, 2015.                                                                                   

Start SH 755 079 (version 2)
Pencil and pen mapping over 9 sheets (40 x 28cm) of folded drafting film. Above is an image of the piece as a whole but also the 6 sheets that contain the mapped route, 3 sheets are empty.
Start SH 732 116
Pen and pencil on drafting film, 8 (40 x 28 cm), 2015.

Start SH 755 079 and SH 732 116 refer to walks made whilst at Stiwdio Maelor in Wales. After the walk the drawing process began with developing a way to relate points walked, measured using a pedometer to the Ordnance Survey map I was using, scaling up the area and working out a system for how to plot my own footsteps, creating instructions for plotting them. Drawing a scaled up outline of the footpath from the map alongside this. Path tracings that I made on the walk Start SH 755 079 were also used in this piece to mark footstep points, representing the path ahead.


SH 732 116  experiments with making a greater physical presence on the paper by adding in indicators of change in angle and lines that link points walked to the edges of the page. On this walk I drew the path ahead rather than tracing it as I had done in Start SH 755 079.


Fragmenting the mappings by working over different sheets allowing for an openness in reading, interpreting, and how they could be arranged.

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