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The work in this gallery is a selection of work I made of some different locations in Milton Keynes. 

Nicola Saunderson_Cut Through 2_ 71.9 x 51.9 cm_ pencil and watercolour on paper_
Nicola Saunderson_Cut Through_ 99.9 x 89.9 cm_ pencil and watercolour on paper_ 2018..jpg
Nicola Saunderson_Market Edge_dimensions variable_ watercolour_2018.jpg
Nicola Saunderson_If I just look up_horizontal dimension 72cm_watercolour_2018 copy.jpg
6.Nicola Saunderson_4_This Is Not A Toilet_66 x 63.5cm_Pen, Pencil, and Watercolour on pap
Nicola Saunderson_V6 Underpass_45x45cm circle_Pen, pencil, and watercolour wash on paper_2
7.This is not a Toilet 2_Watercolour on paper_45x42cm_2017.jpg
website Stairwell_edited.jpg
Nicola Saunderson_Psychogeographic walk V6_70x76cm_Pen and pencil on paper_2016..jpg
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